Lloyd Grant

Nato: Jamaica
Data di Nascita: 17 settembre 61
Altezza: 1.75 cm
Occhi: Neri
Capelli: Marroni
Ruolo: Chitarrista

La Storia

Lloyd Grant is a Jamaican musician. He was an original lead guitarist in the Thrash Metal bandMetallica.
Grant only played on Metallica's first demo "Hit The Lights".
It is still argued by fans whether or not he can be counted as a member as he only played one demo and never contributed anything else to the band, however his name is still mentioned in the liner notes of the album Garage Inc as being the Lead Guitarist for a brief time.
K.J. Doughton's "Metallica Unbound" has this to say:
Lars and James decided, with only hours to go before the "Hit The Lights" demo was due for submission, that a second lead by a second guitarist would be essential! Lars knew a Jamaican guitarist named Lloyd Grant who was available.
So, on the way to Hollywood's Bijou Studio where Brian Slagel was already finished mixing the other Metal Massacre tracks, the band screeched into Grant's driveway, lugged the four-track into his front room, and watched him churn a second lead break.
The "Hit the Lights" recipe was now complete.
"I remember we had this four-track recorder, "explains Hetfield, recalling the last-minute struggle.
"It had tracks for drums, bass, guitar and vocals.
Because there were no vocals in certain parts of the song, we could punch a lead in on the vocal track.
I remember we wanted to get another solo on, so we stopped by Lloyd's house and hooked up some little fuckin' amp and just ripped through a solo.
It was the first take. We went into the studio and that solo ended up on the record. It's a fuckin' great solo, man!"
Although many stories claim Grant was actually a member of Metallica, James maintains that this single, slapdash encounter was the only time he was involved with the band.
Other associates remember that Grant was a talented Delta blues player who had a knack for tasty leads.
"He could play leads like a motherfucker," says James, "but his rhythm stuff was not very tight."
The second and third pressings of "Hit The Lights" for Metal Massacre include Dave Mustaine and not Grant.

Fonte: Wikipedia

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