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Multiple-chapter-anniversary-parties 2021.

The celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the BLACK ALBUM and the 40th anniversary of METALLICA will be held on 12 August 2021 and 28 October 2021. We are collaborating as MY FRIENDS OF SICILY-OFFICIAL ITALIAN LOCAL CHAPTER # 458 OF THE METALLICA CLUB with other world chapters including QUITO ENDS OF SANITY and UTAH CHAPTER METALLICA in order to be able to unite many more chapters in the conduct of events. Furthermore, we are also interested in our tribute band MECCANICA here in SICILY-ITALY for a concert via streaming on social networks in order to be able to directly affect METCLUB and METALLICA themselves in these two great events for 2021.The events will be on 12 Aug at 00:00 UTC + 02 - 13 Aug at 00:00 UTC + 02 and 28 Oct at 00:00 UTC + 02 - 29 Oct at 00:00 UTC + 02. The events will certainly be included in all social networks so that we can be followed further around the world.




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